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Zaatar Pyramid - Holy Hyssop - Biblical Galilee Aromatic Blend – A 50g / 1.75 oz Jar (Kosher)

10.90 USD

This beautiful zaatar product was created as a tribute to the father of the manufacturer (Huri). His father, the late Ze’ev Ben Herut, was one of Israel’s first agricultural officers, and was responsible for adapting the wild hyssop, that was in danger of extinction from being over-picked, into the cultivated commercial hyssop plant that is still grown all across Israel. It comes in an attractive cardboard pyramid with a jar of zaatar inside and is reminiscent of the zaatar pyramid that used to be sold in the Israeli Duty Free and tourist shops back in the 1980’s.

Zaatar (also spelt Z’atar or Za’aatar, Zahatar or Zatar) is a spice mixture that has been popular in the Middle East for centuries. A typical Middle Eastern breakfast, to this day consists of bread dipped in olive oil and zaatar. What is special about the hyssop used in this mix is that it is from the superior Kavrakoli strain with it’s distinctive taste. Serving Suggestions: This Zaatar spice is a multi-purpose spice that is a delicious addition to so many types of dishes. It is excellent for salads, soups, meat, vegetables white cheeses, eggs, pizzas, bourekas and other pastries. It really does make so many foods taste and smell better.

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